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Secret Knock is the #1 networking event in the world. Meet and network with the brightest minds in the world, like billionaires, sports celebrities, investors, and more.
Join us September 2nd and 3rd in San Diego.
Network with the highest caliber people in the world.
Secret Knock brings together the best and brightest minds in the world to create the #1 most valuable business networking event ever created. Our attendees comprise of some of the most influential minds in this world, from the former President of Mexico to the inventor of the credit card.
Not only is it valuable, but very exclusive. This is the place you will meet anyone from billion dollar company founders to Grammy winners. Who will you meet at Secret Knock this year?


How to Build a Game-Changing Network

"We all dream of having a network that grants us access. We want someone we can call in every industry for any question or concern that comes up, and we want to know who to go to for an introduction to someone else. A game-changing network does this."

Haley Hoffman Smith - Author and Speaker
Inc. says Secret Knock is one event you won't want to miss in 2020!
What could happen at Secret Knock?
Founder of Make-a-Wish has his own wish granted
Meet Frank Shankwitz, the creator of the Make-a-Wish Foundation. 4 years ago at Secret Knock, Greg asked Frank, “What was your wish?”
That question at Secret Knock catalyzed the now major feature film, Wish Man, a movie about Frank Shankwitz’s story of creating one of the biggest charities in the world, Make-a-Wish.
Corporate Creation: Preveceutical
Stephen Van Deventer had a vision to create the world’s first preventative pharma company – and achieved this vision at Secret Knock.
At Secret Knock Stephen was able to meet former head at Pfizer Dr. Makander Jawadekar.
Together, they created Preveceutical Preventative Health Sciences, a public ally trades empire.
Previous Chancellors commonly seen at Secret Knock:
Who will be at Secret Knock this year?
We can’t tell you. In fact, you will not know where or who will be attending until you’re registered, and even then..
We keep most of it under wraps. This is what makes us special and unique – you never know what to expect, so expect the unexpected.
Sneak Peek of what goes on at Secret Knock
You'll find the Secret's to Success at Secret Knock
Secret Knock is the place where you’ll find the answers to your questions. The people at Secret Knock are those who have already accomplished what you wish to do; and are more than glad to give you insight
Secret Knock is the world's most exclusive and high-level business networking event in the world.
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