Los Angeles Audience
Interviewing Josh Flagg
Bill Gladstone
Sandra Fan and William Burdine

Sha – Bang!

That was a great event.

For those who were just with us, thank you for all your support and amazing energy as we broke new ground in personal growth.

For those who missed it – here’s a quick recap

Secret Knock is a Forbes, and Inc top rated event for business leaders
and Entrepreneurs.

Instead of teachers, coaches and mentors – we bring in the ACTUAL person that accomplished what the other people are talking about.
Our events sellout 100 percent of the time and are standing room only for one simple reason.

Attraction rather than promotion. 

Each guest must submit an application to attend where they are prescreened for their willingness to apply what they are about to learn.

 Our leaders are (part of) the gathering where you can actually have lunch with them, hang out and pick their brains on a 1-1 setting.

Lesley Visser Speaking at Secret Knock
Tonino Lamborghini
Chris Naugle

2017 Speaker list:

Pat O’Brien (TV Personality)
Lesley Visser (Sports Icon)
Tonino Lamborghini (Himself)
Josh Flagg (Million dollar listings)
Gene Landrum (Chuck E Cheese)
Clarissa Burt (Fashion Model)
Frank Shankwitz (Creator, Make A Wish)
Steve Sims (BlueFish)
Ron Klein (inventor Credit Card Magnetic Strip)
Scott Duffy (Entrepreneur Magazine)
John Salley (NBA Champion)
Ryan Long (Founder,City Gala)
Kent Emmons (Banker)
Dan Fleyshman (Model Citizen Fund)
Jules Haimovitz (Creator – Showtime, A&E, Lifetime)

Ernesto Ancira (Ancira Automotive)
Dr.Srini Pillay (Harvard Brain Expert)
Devon Harris (Jamaican Bob Sled)
Scott Parazynski (Nasa Astronaut)
Leah O’Brien Amica ( Olympic Gold Medalist)
David Meltzer (Sports 1 Marketing)
Tyson Apostol (Winner – Survivor)
Steve Van Deventer (Prevecuetical)
Richard Weiler (Guerilla Marketing)
Kerri Courtright (Founder, Income Store)
Caleb Maddox (Motivator)
Cheryl Snapp Conner (Forbes Magazine)
Michelle Tucker (Business Icon)
Dave Austin (Sports Performance)
Ascher Milgrom (Rejuvenative Health)

Dr. Mary Gale Trash Talking Therapist
Nathan Minneha
Manny Lopez MannysApps
Special Thanks

We TRULY Appreciate you and suggest everyone get to know you. 
We recommend these groups and people highly! 


Thank You for doing a FB live – we loved having you and Scott Duffy with us! 


Together and special thanks to Blue Fish founder Steve Sims, we raised over $40,000 for the homeless by supplying them with much needed life supplies and comfort 

Adam and Sandra
Roman Sarah
Kent emmons
Secret Knock Banners
Ron Klien and Dr. Marissa
Caleb Maddix
Arlene Klien
Dr. Gene Landrum
Secret Knock Audience Caleb Maddix on stage
Katrina Gains

Super duper thanks to Kat for being such a leader and taking great care of us!