We open doors that others could not.
You just have to open the first one for yourself.

Secret Knock 2018

This Year’s Topic:
The (Secret) of Building Wealth
and Rich Relationships.

Up Coming Secret Knock Dates

March 7 – 8, 2018 – San Diego

September 17 -18, 2018 – San Diego

It’s expensive, it’s exclusive, it’s worth it!

What the alumni say about Secret Knock

Secret Knock attendees brains are filled with knowledge, hearts are filled with love & phone contact lists are filled with people that actually go out & make things happen!

Dan Fleyshman

Greg… Your one event opened the door and helped me to become who I am today… Secret knock opened my eyes so I can see the world for the great place it is! Your event will literally help hundreds of thousands of veterans coming home from war! As the Director of For Veterans By Veterans and on the behalf of the Veteran Community. I thank you.

Eric OscheFVBV Director

Secret Knock has been magical. We often try to explain what SK is and how it has impacted our lives. We have trouble telling the story so that people believe us. Secret Knock is simply something you have to witness. It is a life changing event and one that you can not properly explain in words.

Chris Naugle

How Secret Knock Works

Tuition is $3000 first time
$1500 for alumni

And we will not tell you where its at or who will be there
until you are registered*

The most expensive Networking event on Earth

Secret Knock Application

Three easy steps to membership:

1. Fill out the application in its entirety.
2. Qualified applicants will receive a personal call from our VP
3. Tuition must be paid at time of acceptance

4 + 0 = ?

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